SPURR V2 HTPC flavor :- 1. Laelia (Blueberry) 2. Calypso (Black Sesame) 3. Cattleya (Strawberry Mochi) 4. Calanthe (Coffee and Tbc) 5. Vanda (Vanilla flavored Tbc)   Laelia Infused your taste buds with the freshly hand picked blueberry with a splash of sweet and comforting taste of mochi , recreated for exquisite taste buds . Calypso Crafted bold and extra for your maximum sensation, our calypso is the recreation of authentic Nippon delicacy , making it the finest brewery masterpiece yet . Cattleya Let yourself indulge in the drowning taste of authentic strawberry mochi, carefully handcrafted to perfection for a premium vaping experience . Calanthe Immerse yourself in the fusion taste of coffee and tbc , expecting smooth and silky sensation in every exhale . Vanda The exquisite taste of vanilla flavored tbc is now here to stimulate your senses . Crafted solely to fit your severe longing for satisfaction .

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